Magenta Button-Down

I love loose button-down tops for work. They look professional, but because they’re loose they’re not restrictive and I’m not constantly feeling like I need to readjust my top, pants, or suck it in! I got this magenta button-down with a small geometric green all-over print as a Christmas present along with a similar one in a baby blue with red print that I wore yesterday. I like the baby blue one, but I like this magenta one much more because it is such a gorgeous color. With the gloomy, rainy weather this week looking back on this top is brightening my day!

Magenta Button-Down

Magenta Button-Down 1
Magenta Button-Down 2
Magenta Button-Down 3
Magenta Button-Down 4
Magenta Button-Down 5
Magenta Button-Down 6
Magenta Button-Down 7

Top: LOFT | Pants: Gap | Shoes: DSW

I hope you like this top as much as I do!

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