Mint Bead Necklace

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Mint Beads + Grey Peplum

I just can’t get enough of mint this spring and I’m back again with a mint beaded necklace. I paired this beautiful mint necklace with a long sleeve grey peplum. I love peplum tops and I thought this solid colored one was perfect to allow the mint necklace to really pop.

Mint Bead Necklace
Mint Bead Necklace 1
Grey Peplum + Mint Beads
Grey Peplum + Mint Beads 1
Grey Peplum + Mint Beads 2
Grey Peplum + Mint Beads 3
Grey Peplum + Mint Beads 4
Grey Peplum + Mint Beads 5

Now, I normally  always hate bugs, so why would I want a necklace with a critter clasp? Well, it’s bejeweled and just looks so cute! This is the only bug I’ll ever like.

I actually bought this mint necklace and grey peplum at the same time from J.Crew Factory with this outfit in mind!

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