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andThat! by The Christmas Tree Shop

Many of us are familiar with The Christmas Tree Shop and andThat! is a sister company that has started to open featuring home decor, brand-name products, local merchandise, and seasonal items. The first andThat! store just recently opened in New Jersey (in Woodland Park) and I was so excited to be invited to their media preview.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories then you might’ve seen that I was at the store because as part of the media preview I took part in a social media scavenger hunt around the store. Pretty much all the items on the scavenger hunt (various photos and videos) were posted on my stories, but I just wanted to share some photos on here!

andThat! Woodland Park
andThat! Woodland Park - Scavenger Hunt
Along with my scavenger hunt sheet the lovely ladies running the event gave participants a $50 gift card to the store! I loved exploring the store. Below is an example of one of the photos I posted on my Instastories for the scavenger hunt. This one was for my favorite home decor display in the Accent! section.

andThat! Woodland Park - Copper Decor 1
andThat! Woodland Park - Copper Decor
andThat! Woodland Park - Furniture
andThat! Woodland Park - Copper + Glass
andThat! Woodland Park - Dishware

How cute is that elephant tea pot?!

andThat! Woodland Park - Entertain! Section
andThat! Woodland Park - Bath Bombs
andThat! Woodland Park - Gold Home Decor

They had a Christmas decor section and I love Christmas decorations so I don’t even care that it’s only September!

andThat! Woodland Park - Christmas Decorations

With my gift card, I bought 2 things so I still have money left on my card. I got a big glass jar with an abstract gold design which I’m using as a vase. The other item I got was a cloche with LED lights.

andThat! Woodland Park - Haul
andThat! Woodland Park - Light Up Cloche + Vase
andThat! Woodland Park - Light Up Cloche + Vase 1
andThat! Woodland Park - Light Up Cloche + Vase 2

Both of these items were $12.99 I believe! I really enjoyed my time at the store and I’m so thankful I was invited to explore the new space!

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