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How was the start of everyone’s week? I tweaked my knee yesterday, somehow, which is the last thing I need right now! It doesn’t hurt to walk, thankfully, just hurts to bend like if I’m going to bend down to the floor or to go down stairs so I’m hoping I just pulled a muscle or something. Oddly enough it doesn’t hurt to go up the stairs. I’m falling apart I tell ya and it’s all on my left side! Left knee, my left shoulder has been achey for months which thankfully my monthly massage treatments have been working wonders for, last week my left hip was sore. I just went for a massage after work last Friday and my hip has been much better so hopefully this knee thing is just temporary.

Anyway, moving on the point of today’s post, which is not my ailments. If you know me you know I like prints – especially floral – but I also like a  good graphic tee once in a while because I find them to be so fun. When Thread Tank reached out to me to say they were fans of my blog and of my style and asked if I’d want to try out their tees, I was thrilled! They offered to send me any 2 tees that I liked on their website and then they would make them and send them off. They make all their shirts to order!

Thread Tank - Package
Thread Tank - Package 1

I sent along the 2 shirts that I wanted and included the color and size. So you’ll understand how surprised I was when I received the package and there were 3 shirts inside! I asked for the ones that say, “Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid then always be a mermaid” and “I need 3 coffees, 6 puppies, and like 12 million dollars”. The one they sent me in addition was the “Roots” one with an image of New Jersey and roots growing out of it. I’m so thankful to receive 2 t-shirts complimentary in the first place and then to receive a surprise tee with my home state on it was just the icing on the cake!

Thread Tank - Graphic Tees

I wore them all so you could see what they look like on, but the one I styled to go out for dinner with friends this past weekend was the NJ one. I decided to twist one corner of the shirt into the belt look of my jeans to create a more fitted look. Plus, I like the twisted side look to the tee. I wore peep toe booties and turquoise bangles for a pop of color. I also carried my wristlet wallet.

Thread Tank - 3 Coffees Tee
Thread Tank - Mermaid Tee
Thread Tank - NJ Roots Tee
Thread Tank - NJ Roots Tee 1
Thread Tank - NJ Roots Tee 2
Thread Tank - NJ Roots Tee 3
Thread Tank - NJ Roots Tee 4
Thread Tank - NJ Roots Tee 5

Tee: Thread Tank (NJ one here) | Jeans: LOFT | Booties: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Wristlet: Kate Spade

My bangles are old and I don’t remember where I got them but they were sold in a pack. It was someplace like Kohl’s or Target. I really love the way this styling turned out. I felt so chic in a dressed up casual look while walking around town and going to dinner with friends.

The tees are so soft and are great quality material. I really love them! I highly recommend checking out all the different tees they have to offer. They also have tank tops and baseball tees and more. Definitely worth checking out!

* I received these items complimentary but all opinions are my own. *

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