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Pumpkin Planters

While browsing Pinterest (what else is new) I was looking for a fall decor craft/idea. I saw pumpkins being used as planters which I thought was a brilliant idea and really cute. However, I quickly found out that the one I originally saw was made using a plastic decorative pumpkin and when I tried to search for real pumpkin planters they were either done by real florists and elaborate or hot glued succulents on top of the pumpkin. But I didn’t see a reason why I couldn’t use a real pumpkin as a planter so that’s what I did!

I went to my local farmstand and got 2 medium sized pumpkins and mums that would fit inside those pumpkins.

Pumpkins - Farmstand

When I got home, I rinsed off the dirt on the pumpkins and watered the mums. Then, I carved the tops off the pumpkins and took all the insides out. I first cut the holes on top just big enough for the plants to fit inside with the planters. The next day, I decided to make the holes a little bigger so the tops of the planters wouldn’t be visible. I added potting soil to the inside of the pumpkin for the plants to sit on.

Pumpkin + Mums
Pumpkins + Mums
Pumpkin Planter + Mums
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 1
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 2
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 3
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 4
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 5
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 6
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 7
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 8
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 9
Pumpkin Planter + Mums 10

So despite the fact that originally you can see the tops of the green plastic planters I think I preferred that because afterwards the mums were a little crooked/lopsided inside the pumpkins. It was hard to get them to sit flat, whereas when the planters sat up higher the lip of the planter just hung on to the opening of the pumpkin and kept them upright.

To water my mums I take them out of the pumpkin, water them, and let them drain out on the porch for a bit before putting them back in to the pumpkin because I don’t want the water to be sitting inside the pumpkin with nowhere for the water to go. I contemplated drilling holes into the bottom of the pumpkins, but that was too much work.

All in all, I really love how these look. The mums look so pretty inside the pumpkins!

Which do you think looks better? Planters showing or not?

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