DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

This year I wanted to do something a little different and attempt to make my own Christmas cards instead of buying. I’m not the craftiest person so I was smart enough to not be over-ambitious with my card making plans because I knew that would just get me frustrated.

So for my first go at making my own cards was pretty simple and mostly involved a variety of stickers, card stock, and glitter paper.

DIY Christmas Cards

I went to Hobby Lobby for all my supplies which included: envelopes, card stock, felt tip pens, red & silver/gold glitter paper, a variety of 3D Christmas stickers, and clear Christmas stickers with little messages like “Peace on Earth” and “Merry Merry Merry”.
DIY Christmas Cards 1

The card stock was a bit too large for the envelopes so I had to trim them. And yes my pajama pants have Christmas trees on them!
DIY Christmas Cards 2

I put the message stickers in the center of the cards and put the 3D stickers around the center sticker.
DIY Christmas Cards 3

I then cut out the glitter paper and glued them to the corners of the card. Originally, I did triangles, but then that was a serious pain to continue cutting out so I quickly switched to squares.

DIY Christmas Cards 5
DIY Christmas Cards 4

The stickability stickers (the clear message stickers) are so pretty. Since they are clear, at first glance it looks like the message is printed right on the card stock. The design and font has a shiny/foiled effect which I think is beautiful. I also love that the other pieces are 3D because it makes the cards look fancier than just plain ol’ stickers.
DIY Christmas Cards 6

I wrote my message in red and green and that was it! I kept it simple, but I think the cards turned out really pretty. I think if I tried to make the cards more elaborate or fancier it would’ve ended up a disaster. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with card making maybe next year I’ll take it up a notch — I’m thinking of doing something with wrapping paper or ribbon on the card stock. We’ll see!

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