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    Photo Challenge: Admiration

    It’s been raining all week, which has made me feel extra tired and is definitely not the fun spring weather I’d like to be experiencing! This week has been Teacher Appreciation Week (if you didn’t know, I’m a teacher), which is fitting for this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Admiration”. There’s no one person in particular that I admire – I admire many people, that I do and don’t know personally. I have admiration for people who are strong and endure everything that life throws at them. I have admiration for people who are able to make their dreams come true. The list goes on. For this photo…

  • DIY Yarn Bow Valentine's Day Card

    DIY Yarn Bow Valentine’s Day Card

    Since I made my own Christmas cards back in December I wanted to make my own Valentine’s Day cards. I looked up a few different ideas and I had some ideas of my own, but those all went to the wayside once I actually began making the cards. What I ended up doing is a very simple, minimalistic card with red/pink yarn that I tied into bows. I went for the minimalist approach partly because I wanted to do something very clean looking with a lot of white space and also partly because I was feeling a little lazy (oops) so I didn’t want to do anything complicated. I used my…

  • DIY Christmas Cards

    DIY Christmas Cards

    This year I wanted to do something a little different and attempt to make my own Christmas cards instead of buying. I’m not the craftiest person so I was smart enough to not be over-ambitious with my card making plans because I knew that would just get me frustrated. So for my first go at making my own cards was pretty simple and mostly involved a variety of stickers, card stock, and glitter paper. I went to Hobby Lobby for all my supplies which included: envelopes, card stock, felt tip pens, red & silver/gold glitter paper, a variety of 3D Christmas stickers, and clear Christmas stickers with little messages like “Peace…