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Photo Challenge: Admiration

It’s been raining all week, which has made me feel extra tired and is definitely not the fun spring weather I’d like to be experiencing! This week has been Teacher Appreciation Week (if you didn’t know, I’m a teacher), which is fitting for this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Admiration”.

There’s no one person in particular that I admire – I admire many people, that I do and don’t know personally. I have admiration for people who are strong and endure everything that life throws at them. I have admiration for people who are able to make their dreams come true. The list goes on. For this photo challenge, I decided to take a picture of one of the cards I received in my February Aster Market Box – a monthly subscription box. I hadn’t used this card yet and it seemed perfect for the photo challenge.

Written For You - Card

For the purpose of this photo challenge, I’ve chosen to show my admiration for my closest friends. I’m at a weird time in my life where so many of my friends are going off in different directions, moving, getting married, having kids, etc. I’ve gotten even closer with some of my already close friends and sadly grown apart from some of these long time friends. I want to give a special shoutout to my best friends, who despite us having different paths and crazy lives are still my person/people.

You may recognize the saying “You’re my person” from the show Grey’s Anatomy. What does it mean? It means the person who is there for you no matter what, who understands you without you having to say a word, and is simply your person. I have great admiration for my people. Some of the people may have changed, some have stayed the same, but nonetheless we get each other and I look to them always!

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