DIY Yarn Bow Valentine's Day Card

DIY Yarn Bow Valentine’s Day Card

Since I made my own Christmas cards back in December I wanted to make my own Valentine’s Day cards. I looked up a few different ideas and I had some ideas of my own, but those all went to the wayside once I actually began making the cards. What I ended up doing is a very simple, minimalistic card with red/pink yarn that I tied into bows. I went for the minimalist approach partly because I wanted to do something very clean looking with a lot of white space and also partly because I was feeling a little lazy (oops) so I didn’t want to do anything complicated.

DIY Yarn Valentine's Day Card

I used my leftover yarn from that arm knitting project I did last winter. It’s the perfect color since it’s a mix of red and pink.

DIY Yarn Valentine's Day Card 1
I punched two holes on the side of my cardstock and started weaving the two ends of the yarn through the holes until the ends were just long enough to tie into a bow.

DIY Yarn Valentine's Day Card 3
DIY Yarn Valentine's Day Card 2
DIY Yarn Valentine's Day Card 4
DIY Yarn Valentine's Day Card 5

I wrote a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” message on the card and signed my name with a red heart. Although the yarn bows weren’t what I initially planned on doing, I like the way they turned out! The bows are really cute and I love that they add some texture to the card. The cards turned out just how I wanted – simple, cute, and clean cut.

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