Onesie Sundae

Onesie Sundae

If you clicked on this post thinking it was going to be a food post, namely a sundae, then sorry to burst your bubble but it’s a craft post! My friend’s baby shower was back in November and since she just had her baby girl last week, I thought I would post this onesie sundae today.

I found a lot of variations of this project online. There are sundaes, cupcakes, and whatever else you can think of made out of onesies and receiving blankets which is what I used to make this sundae. It didn’t come out as good as I wanted, but it was my first time and obviously I’m not perfect so I wanted to share it anyway.

Onesie Sundae

I went to Target to get my supplies: a pack of receiving blankets, onesies (I ended up buying a set of sleep sack type pieces), socks, and something to put them in. There were some speed bumps while buying the items. First off, I wanted a pair of red socks for the cherry on top of the sundae, but I couldn’t find any individual pairs of socks so I had to buy a pack. I also couldn’t find any smaller socks than these 12 month ones. The other speed bump was the tupperware. I wanted to just got a plastic bowl or tupperware type thing like I saw in similar projects online. But lo and behold none were to be found at Target. Target totally failed me that day! So I got this popcorn bowl because it was sorta the shape I was going for, or at least the closest I was going to get without buying an expensive bowl, and I thought a popcorn bowl would be useful for the new mom and dad when they want to snack.

Onesie Sundae 1

I rolled the clothes up together at an angle so that it would taper off and then placed it in the middle of the folded receiving blankets. I actually ended up changing this later, but forgot to take a picture. I moved the clothes down closer to the end and began rolling.

Onesie Sundae 2

Then, I placed it inside the bowl and began adjusting, fluffing, and tucking where necessary.

Onesie Sundae 3
Baby socks
Last, I stuffed the red socks in the middle to act as the cherry on the sundae.

Onesie Sundae 4
Onesie Sundae 5
Onesie Sundae 6

Okay, so it didn’t turn out that bad, but I do wish it turned out more sundae looking. In hindsight, I should have wrapped this in clear cellophane wrapping instead of placing it in a gift bag. Sooo what happened was I put it inside a gift bag along with my gift from the registry. But, what I hadn’t accounted for was that my friend would just reach into the bag when opening her gifts so she didn’t actually get to see the “sundae” since she ended up grabbing the clothes and blankets out of the bowl. Oh well, you live and you learn, right?! At least now she can see through pictures what it would’ve looked like 🙂

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