Photo Challenge: Friend

Today I’m sharing my photo response to last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post and it is timely because the challenge was “Friend” and yesterday was National Best Friend Day! I’m not posting a picture of a friend because I think it’d be a little weird to just post a photo of the face of one of my friends. Plus, I rarely post pictures of other people on here simply because I assume people like their privacy and don’t want to show up on my public site. So instead I’m sharing a photo of something that represents “friend” to me.

Blue & White Crochet Baby Blanket

My best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy earlier this week and I crocheted this blue & white blanket for him. It was time consuming, but something I really wanted to do because I had made a blanket when his older sister was born 3 years ago. I didn’t want to be one of those people that always does things for the first born and not for the second. This blanket is symbolic of my friendship with my bestie and my new friend this blanket is for!

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