• Downlite Bedding Comforter

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    Downlite Bedding

    A few weeks ago Downlite Bedding was kind enough to send me their Diamond Down Blanket. I was super excited to receive this because even though it’s summer, I’m the kind of person who likes blankets. It might be 90 degrees outside, but if I’m watching a movie or something inside with the air conditioning on, I always have a blanket with me on the couch. I received the blanket and knew immediately that I would put it in my guest room where I have a fold-down couch (not a pull out, but it literally folds down). Sometimes I watch tv in there so the blanket will be perfect in…

  • Blue & White Crochet Baby Blanket

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    Photo Challenge: Friend

    Today I’m sharing my photo response to last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post and it is timely because the challenge was “Friend” and yesterday was National Best Friend Day! I’m not posting a picture of a friend because I think it’d be a little weird to just post a photo of the face of one of my friends. Plus, I rarely post pictures of other people on here simply because I assume people like their privacy and don’t want to show up on my public site. So instead I’m sharing a photo of something that represents “friend” to me. My best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby…

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    Purple & White Baby Blanket

    Last year I crocheted a baby blanket for my friend as a gift before she gave birth to her first baby. Well, time flies because her baby girl just turned 1! For her birthday, I decided to make her a new, bigger blanket. Now, I like attempting to craft and create things but I’m not very crafty. I haven’t had the time to learn how to crochet any patterns or cool designs so all I know how to do is just your basic crochet. I did want to make it look more fun and not plain though so what I decided to do was use three colors: white, light purple,…