South Mountain Reservation - Paddle Boats

Paddle Boating @ South Mountain Reservation

If you keep up on here regularly then you may recall my post about my dusty pink top with the sleeve cutouts. And you may remember my post about my meal at Roosterspin. So on that same day that I went to Roosterspin and I took the pictures of my cutout sleeve outfit I went out with my friend from the restaurant to South Mountain Reservation to walk around and we ended up going paddle boating. It was a beautiful, warm day out so I was slightly afraid I’d get weird tan lines from the cutouts in my top, but fortunately I did not. It was a nice outing and we hadn’t originally planned on going paddle boating but we saw that there were swan paddle boats right by where we parked so we decided we needed to do it!

South Mountain Reservation is a 2,110 nature preserve here in NJ with various things like hiking trails, a zoo, ponds, etc.

Click below to watch my short video and keep scrolling down this post for a couple of photos!

South Mountain Reservation - Paddle Boats
South Mountain Reservation - Paddle Boats 1
South Mountain Reservation - Paddle Boating

We had a great time despite getting a little too close to the shore (where the kiddie train was) and me getting attacked by branches!

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