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    Spring Landscaping & Hardscaping

    When I go for walks, which I so look forward to on all nice days since it’s about the only thing I’m able to do these days for some fresh air, I love looking at the landscaping of the houses I pass. Some houses you see really nicely done landscaping, wall manicured lawns and shrubs, fresh spring flowers, flowering trees, etc. Sometimes you see houses where you’re like “Oh that house would look nicer with some nice flowers or some new pavers.”  And then there’s those houses where you’re like “What happened there?” or “Uh did someone abandon that house?” and they just look kind of sad with their driveways…

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    Outdoor Menswear with Chums

    Everyone thinks about the great outdoors during the summer, but actually I personally like spending time outside more in the fall because the temperature and weather are more comfortable. But, spending some time outdoors any time of the year and getting fresh air is relaxing. Did you know that 92% of people participate in outdoor activities to relax and de-stress? Whether you’re spending time outside for exercise or just for some peace of mind, I believe layering is key. Even if it’s still summer! Chums is a great place to stock up on your clothing such as trousers and shoes suited for the great outdoors. As mentioned above, I believe layering…

  • South Mountain Reservation - Paddle Boats


    Paddle Boating @ South Mountain Reservation

    If you keep up on here regularly then you may recall my post about my dusty pink top with the sleeve cutouts. And you may remember my post about my meal at Roosterspin. So on that same day that I went to Roosterspin and I took the pictures of my cutout sleeve outfit I went out with my friend from the restaurant to South Mountain Reservation to walk around and we ended up going paddle boating. It was a beautiful, warm day out so I was slightly afraid I’d get weird tan lines from the cutouts in my top, but fortunately I did not. It was a nice outing and…

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    Photo Challenge: Earth + Blog Anniversary

    Before I get in to today’s photo challenge post, I wanted to share that I got a notification last night from WordPress that it was my 2 year blog anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I first created this site and pushed “publish”. It’s been 2 years of a lot of hard work, which I’m thankful still does not feel like work or a chore. I’ve made some wonderful friends and have watched my blog grow. Here’s to another year of growth! Thank you for being a part of my journey!  Back to the photo challenge. When I think of “Earth”, I think of green. And dirt. Last week,…