3 Hobbies for Those Who Love Water

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Starting a new hobby is always fun and exciting and it can do wonders for your mental health. If you have been looking for new hobbies to try you may want to start looking at activities that you can do on the water. 

On the water activities are great for getting you outdoors and enjoying the fresh air as well as sunlight. 

If you have been shying away from doing hobbies that involve being on the water then it’s time to put away your fears and become a little bit adventurous. Take a look at these three fun water activities that you can turn into your next exciting hobby.


Boating may seem like an intimidating hobby for some. It tends to be associated with the rich and famous. However, boating is something that just about anyone can get involved in. 

You don’t have to own your boat, you can rent a boat during the boating season. Renting a boat may be just what you need because you will not be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance throughout the year. 

You can simply rent the boat whenever you need it. Besides, when you are just starting with boating as a hobby you may not be sure whether or not you’re going to like it. 

The best way to test things out is to take a rented boat out on the water and see whether boating interests you or not. If it does you can work to buying your own boat.


You may have seen images of people out on the water sitting on a boat with their fishing line cast into the water patiently waiting for a fish to bite. You may also have seen images of people sitting on the banks of lakes and rivers waiting for fish to bite as well. 

Fishing is a hobby that is perfect for those with a lot of patience. If you can see yourself enjoying a hobby that allows you to relax while catching delicious seafood that you can cook for your friends or family then it may be time to give fishing a try. 

If you are interested in Long Island fishing you can book a fishing trip to get you started.


Just about anybody can learn to surf, it doesn’t matter what your age. If you are interested in riding waves then surfing may be just the hobby that is right for you. 

You will usually need lessons before you can start this hobby so bear this in mind. Of course, it helps to have a lot of upper body strength and the ability to balance, if you want to be a surfer. 

However, these are things that can be learned if you have a good teacher. You can also develop these skills over time.

Enjoy the Water

If you find that being near bodies of water is something that you would thoroughly enjoy, a hobby that keeps you close to either the lake, river, or sea is a good choice for you. Take a look at the hobbies that have been discussed here and see if any of them appeals to you and start planning how you can head out on the water.

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