Spring Landscaping & Hardscaping

When I go for walks, which I so look forward to on all nice days since it’s about the only thing I’m able to do these days for some fresh air, I love looking at the landscaping of the houses I pass. Some houses you see really nicely done landscaping, wall manicured lawns and shrubs, fresh spring flowers, flowering trees, etc. Sometimes you see houses where you’re like “Oh that house would look nicer with some nice flowers or some new pavers.”  And then there’s those houses where you’re like “What happened there?” or “Uh did someone abandon that house?” and they just look kind of sad with their driveways that look like they’re falling apart and overgrown grass, weeds, bushes, etc. It’s definitely the first thing you notice about a house since it really creates the whole visual. When people tell you about how curb appeal matters, it really does!

Now, I’m no landscaping expert. I just know what I like to look at and what I personally think looks pretty. I am not good at landscaping or planting flowers, etc. My parents have pretty green thumbs and I love walking around gardens and nurseries, but actually working in the dirt is not my thing. It’s not that I mind getting dirty, I just hate bugs. So when I was little and would pick out flowers for my parents to buy I would go to plant them and if I saw a bug or worm I’d freak out. Bugs and me do not mix so if there’s a way to get all the pretty flowers, greenery, and landscaping done without me actually having to do it myself I’m all for it. I’ll just leave it all to professionals. Plus, professionals just do a magical job of transforming your outdoor space. They know what design will look best, what plants would grow best in your environment, and can give you lots of options.


Professionals like Onorato Landscaping, LLC can help you with all of your landscaping and hardscaping needs to make your property beautiful for spring and summer. Professionals can work with you to figure out what kind of design would work for your space and you can create a vision together. They also know best what could grow in your yard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gorgeous flowers or flowering trees online or when I’m traveling only to find that they would’ve grow well in the NJ weather or that the deer that are all over the place here would eat them all.

Professional landscapers usually also offer hardscaping. What is hardscaping you ask? It’s all the pretty design elements on your property that are non-living like patios, walkways, stone walls, etc. Nice patios are always a bonus to a home. When I was looking for a new place last year I saw a few places with beautiful stone patios and it really made a huge difference in the curb appeal. Naturally, we are more drawn to properties that look pretty and nicely put together as opposed to when things look sloppy or dirty. I also saw some properties with stone patios that were falling apart, cracked, had weeds popping up between broken pavers and more. These things make a huge difference.



Now once you have your outdoor space the way you want you need to maintain it! Sure, it’s great to have it all set up and designed the way you want. To have flowers and bushes that you like. To have that new brick or stone walkway and patio etc. But what about the next year or the year after? It won’t look great if you’re not taking care of them or maintaining them. Mulch might need to be added, shrubs need to be trimmed. Maybe it was a harsh winter and you need some repairs to your hardscaping. These things all need to be considered and professionals can help you out with all of them. Why would you want to spend money on making your whole outdoor space beautiful and then not maintain it over time and have it not looking so hot after a year or two?

Maintaining your beautiful outdoor space is definitely an investment, but it’s something worth considering for two main reasons. 1) You can enjoy your outdoor space and take pride in how beautiful it all looks. 2) If you ever decide to put your place on the market then nice landscaping and hardscaping can make your house much more desirable and attractive. I’ll tell you from personal experience if you pull up to a house that looks like the lawn and landscaping are not too great looking, you’re already going to go in to the house with a less than thrilled mindset.

If you’re in NJ and you’re looking for landscaping or hardscaping in Bergen County then definitely check out Onorato Landscaping!

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