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Christmas Tree Embroidery

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve been waiting to write this post about this Christmas tree embroidery for a year. I saw this Christmas Tree Embroidery kid on Etsy last Christmas and thought it looked really cute, but obviously it was already Christmas. Naturally, I bought the kit and saved it til this holiday season to make it!

Christmas Tree Embroidery Kit: Etsy (here) | Sweatshirt: Etsy (here)

The embroidery wasn’t too difficult to do, which is good because when I first opened up the kit to start it I started to think I might’ve gotten in over my head. I had to google what a backstitch was, but after that I was able to figure out how to do it. The sample photo had much bushier boughs, but I’m just a beginner over here so so my tree is a little more Charlie Brown, but I like how this simple design turned out!

As a side note, I thought it only fitting to wear my Christmas tree graphic sweatshirt when I posed with my finished embroidery. It’s also an Etsy find!

P.S. Does anyone have any tips on how to frame embroidery?

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