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I’m back with another “What I’m Watching” post because there are always new things on or new to me shows that I’ve started watching. I’ve only got 3 shows to share with you today so let’s get to it! If you missed my last “What I’m Watching” post, catch it (here).

The White Princess – This miniseries just finished airing on Starz. Did you watch it? I loved it! It helps that I’m a big fan of historical fiction and this series did not disappoint. It follows the previous series The White Queen that came out a few years ago. If you don’t know what it’s about I’ll give you a brief synopsis. The show picks up after the Battle of Bosworth, which is part of the War of the Roses. This is during the time period when the Tudors and Yorks are fighting for the throne of England. Elizabeth or Lizzie is a York Princess and is betrothed to Henry VII, a Tudor Prince. Her mother is Elizabeth Woodville or “the White Queen”. Anyway, at the start of this series, Lizzie is forced to marry Henry which unites the Tudors and Yorks, but of course drama, murder, politics, and intrigue ensue because people always want power.



the white princess


the white princess - elizabeth + henry

Despite being forced to marry, they did eventually fall in love and were serious couple goals! I love how much Henry loved her and how amazing and badass Lizzie was. I loved this mini-series and wish that they would continue on!

The Last Kingdom –  I’ve been watching this on Netflix and have not finished yet. There are 2 seasons out and I’m hooked. This BBC series which has now partnered with Netflix to produce season 2 is sort of historic fiction as well. Less accurate than The White Princess but it is set in real historic events. It’s about Uhtred, a young guy who is Saxon born but when he was a kid was taken by the Danes (vikings) and raised with them. So he really relates more to the Danes than the Saxons. Torn between the two – he identifies with the Danes but wants to reclaim his father’s land in England – the show follows Uhtred in trying to reclaim the land, still loving the Danes, but also pledging loyalty to King Alfred (King of Wessex) in order to get power and money to reclaim his land.

the last kingdom


the last kingdom - uhtred
BBC/Carnival/Steffan Hill

I may or may not be a little obsessed with vikings now.

Fargo – Season 3 began earlier this spring and I’m not caught up yet, but it’s been an interesting season. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s going to connect to the previous two seasons. I’ve read that there is indeed a connection, though subtle. I find it really interesting that Ewan McGregor plays twin brothers who are completely different looking! And they made Daniel Thewlis look really disgusting! I also love that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in this because she is so versatile! One day she can play a Civil War era nurse in Mercy Street, then a documentary film maker turned politician in BrainDead, and now a street smart parolee in Fargo!

In this season, Ewan McGregor plays twins Emmit and Ray Stussy. One is a successful businessman who has gotten involved with some shady partners and the other is a parole officer who is not the brightest or most together person. The season starts off when Ray (the parole officer) thinks his brother has ripped him off by stealing a stamp from him so he gets one of his parolees to steal the stamp back. However, the parolee isn’t too bright either and loses the address so he looks in the phonebook and finds the last name “Stussy”. Of course, he shows up to the wrong Stussy house and kills the old man living there who just so happens to be the stepfather of the sheriff. That gets the ball rolling and more drama ensues!

Fargo Season 3


fargo-ewan mcgregor



So that’s what I’ve been watching lately! I really love historical dramas and British shows as you can see!

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