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January 2021 Favorites

Well, guys, we made it through January 2021! A lot of my favorites from this month were tv related. I guess that’s what happens when you’re social distancing, busy with work, and it’s cold outside.

First, I re-watched the Twilight series of movies. It’s been years since I’ve watched the whole thing and there was a marathon on tv around New Year’s. I didn’t catch all of it so I broke out my old dvds and watched a movie a day after work.

My next favorite is probably on a lot of people’s favorites lists – Bridgerton! I know it got released on Christmas day, but I didn’t watch until this month and I am obsessed. The storyline, the cast, the characters, the sets, decor, costume, opulence. I know the series is based on books and each book focuses on the love story of a different Bridgerton, but I would without a doubt watch a show solely based on Simon and Daphne haha. I saw Regé-Jean Page, the actor who plays Simon aka the Duke of Hastings, on The Tonight Show recently and he described it as Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl meets 35 Shades of Gray, which I think describes it perfectly.

Along with the show, the soundtrack is so good. Most of it is instrumental/classical versions of pop songs like “Wildest Dreams”, “Bad Guy” and “Girls Like You”.

Do you know Fran Liebowitz? I first became acquainted with her when she was a guest on The Tonight Show a few times. She’s a writer and so funny with her observations of people, especially in New York. She has a limited series on Netflix with Martin Scorsese that was recently released called “Pretend It’s a City” and it’s pretty funny. I watched the whole thing in one afternoon/evening.

Okay, let me break up all the tv stuff with a fashion favorite. My white Dr. Martens combat boots that I got for Christmas and am obsessed with.


And I have one food favorite. One of my favorite things at the bakery section of the Chinese or Asian food stores is this sweet, braided braid that has raisins. I haven’t had it in so long and my mom picked one up for me the other day and dropped it off at my place while I was at work. It was a nice surprise! I like eating it with butter – the salty and sweet is so good.

Lastly, I have 2 songs. I love Taylor Swift’s Evermore album and the original version of “Willow”, but have you heard the “Willow – Dancing Witch” remix version with Elvira? I love it even more!

My last favorite is Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Driver’s License”. I first heard it a few weeks ago when a few students played it for me and I was like “yeah, it’s okay”, but then I kept hearing it on Instagram and now I’m hooked. I was describing it to my friend the other day and said it’s hits you right in the teenage heartbreak feels.

That’s it for my January favorites! Here’s hoping February is a good month ahead for us all!

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