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Mannequin Christmas Trees

I’m not sure how long Mannequin Christmas Trees have been a thing but I first noticed them last year. I saw pictures of them online last year and thought they looked so cool and beautiful. Then, I found out that as part of the White House Christmas decorations they had a room full of Mannequin Christmas Trees last year! This year, I’ve been seeing them online again as well as in some stores and window displays.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Mannequin Christmas Trees are mannequins, more specifically dress forms, that are dressed in Christmas tree branches and trimmings and decorated in all different ways. I’ve seen ribbon, lights, ornaments, and jewelry! The possibilities are endless and I love it! I’ve rounded up a few that I really loved while browsing through Pinterest.


I love how the blue really stands out in this one!


The colors of the ornaments on this dress really bring out the colors of the peacock feathers. The size of the beads in the necklace are a bit too much for me, but I love the actual dress.


This is one of the dresses that was at the White House last year. I love this one so much! The colors are gorgeous and the slightly green twinkle lights give the dress a really dreamy look.


The long red ribbon on this dress looks very simple and classic.


The frosted tree branches give a rustic, homey feel to this dress. I love the lace top and plaid sash as well.


These huge red flowers really make a statement on this dress!


I love the white, gold, and red in this dress from the ornaments to the ribbons, and even the metallic gold sweetheart neckline top.


This dress mixes formal with country/rustic with the black strapless top and the pinecones in the skirt.


This last dress is loaded with ornaments and ribbon! It definitely makes a Christmas statement!

I think these are so cool and I would love to make my own one day! I don’t imagine it to be easy, but I think it would be a really fun experience and you could change it up every year.

Do you have a favorite? 

All photos taken from Pinterest

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