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Kate Spade: Fun Purses 2016

Kate Spade 2016


Last year I had two posts about some of the fun, cute purses that Kate Spade had out for the holidays (see here and here). I wanted to write a new post for 2016 just for fun, plus if you’re looking for any last minute holiday gifts maybe this will give you some ideas!
  • Make Magic Rabbit in Hat Shoulder Bag This glittery purse is adorable! As the name gives away, it’s meant to look like a magician’s hat with the rabbit ears sticking out that the magician would pull out of his hat. This purse retails for $358.
  • Unicorn Balloon Clutch – I think this purse is ridiculously cute! The shine really makes it look like a balloon animal! This purse retails for $498.
  • Imagination Monster Shoulder Bag – This doesn’t look like a scary monster to me with it’s big eyes and fluttery eyelashes. The feather trim and monster teeth, which is really a scalloped edge on the purse flap, are such cute details. This purse retails for $378.
  • Wedding Bells Cake Clutch How cute is this cake purse? It is designed to look like a 3-tier cake complete with swan cake toppers! No detail goes unnoticed at Kate Spade. This retails for $398.
  • I Kissed a Frog – This is probably the most “normal” looking bag of the bunch and wearable at that. This all over gold, shimmering clutch has a whimsical frog at the closure which reminds me of a simper version of the train clutch I posted about in my Kate Spade Finds post linked above. This retails for $328.

Kate Spade designs and sells a lot of beautiful and practical bags, but I just love the fun ones they put out every year! Sure, they might not be very practical but sometimes you just want something pretty and fun. My favorite one above is the unicorn balloon animal one, but if I were to choose one to buy for myself I would go with the gold frog one!

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