Vermont Holiday Gingerbread Farmhouse

Gingerbread Dreams

I’m not an expert in gingerbread houses at all. I think in the few times I’ve ever made one they’ve been pretty basic and sloppy looking. But, that doesn’t stop me from looking in awe at all the pretty creations other people and professionals make! Last year, I did a holiday post showing off some gorgeous Mannequin Christmas Trees so this year I thought I’d round up some beautiful gingerbread house creations I found on the internet.

Los Angeles Magazine shared this photo of a Beverly Wilshire Hotel Gingerbread House. It’s huge and so detailed!

Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Gingerbread House
The next few I rounded up from Country Living.

How intricate is this stone house?


I kinda want to live in this farm house!

Vermont Holiday Gingerbread Farmhouse

This gingerbread victorian mansion is incredibly detailed. I love the little trees!

Victorian Mansion - Gingerbread House

I threw in this retro camper just for fun. It’s so cute and I love the Christmas lights!


These last few I found on the Good Housekeeping website

This gingerbread teapot is so whimsical. The flower vines are so pretty!

Teapot - Gingerbread House
The brickwork on this New York townhouse gingerbread house is perfection! Another one I’d like to live in!

New York Townhouse - Gingerbread House

This French Bakery gingerbread house just makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

French Bakery - Gingerbread House

This gingerbread house is a little simpler than the other ones, but still beautiful and better than anything I could do!

Snowcapped Gingebread Cabin
This last one is St. Basil’s Basilica. I love the colors and the recreation is amazing. I love the detailing.

St Basil's Basillica - Gingerbread House

I love all of these, but I think my favorites are the farmhouse and the New York City townhouse!

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