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Sunday Breakfast

I recently got a new cozy robe from Vera Bradley in a really pretty stained glass pattern. It gave me the idea to make an Instagram Reel of an easy Sunday morning of making and eating breakfast and doing some reading.

I just toasted a bagel, pan fried some grape tomatoes, and made a hard boiled egg. I enjoyed breakfast in my robe with my new tray and my coffee in my book club mug. The only thing that is a lie about these photos is the book, because when I took this photo 2 weeks ago I had assumed by now I’d be reading the first Crescent City book by Sarah J. Maas since I’d been waiting for the 2nd book to come out to start reading the 1st book. But, I haven’t started it yet! I got distracted with some other books and fell behind. But, I will start it soon!

Robe: Vera Bradley (here) | Tray: Target (here) | Mug: Anthropologie (here) | Plate: Mikasa | Book: Amazon (here)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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