Book Review: Sophie

I have a quick book review for you today! Sophie is a good read for all ages – well readers old enough to read a novel, that is. It centers around 13 year old Leo when he first meets Sophie, a new girl in town from Syria. If I remember correctly, the story takes place in the 90s and Leo is telling the story back years later.


Leo befriends Sophie and she quickly confides in her new best friend that she and her mother are actually illegal immigrants. Her mother is not well and Sophie works incredibly hard (at only 13!) to keep up with her school work and work odd jobs to make enough money to pay a lawyer to start the immigration process. Leo is the only one who knows her secret, but teenage bullies in school and a mayoral race in town involving questionable politicians threaten Sophie’s future.

I thought the story was well written and wouldn’t be too complicated for a young reader to understand and follow. Leo and Sophie were likeable and I found myself worried that Sophie would be found out! The story line involving Sophie’s Syrian roots and her immigration status is definitely relatable to today’s world. It definitely reminded me that the children and young people of the world are the least jaded and still see the best in people. Let’s just say many of the adults in the book are not seen in the best light.

The book was a fast read and a timely one!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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