Black Lace Sweatshirt
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Black Lace Sweatshirt

I’ve spoken about this before, but picking out what I’m going to wear every day is truly one of life’s little joys for me. Whether it’s glamming up or seriously glamming down, I find it really fun to express myself and mood through my style. But as much as I like picking out outfits, some days I’m just tired and can’t be bothered. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m going out in public I still want to look presentable, but if I’m feeling a little lazy I opt for something that looks cute or good and takes no effort. That’s where this sweatshirt comes in.

This could just be a regular grey sweatshirt, but add some black lace and it instantly elevates the look. You have the comfort of a sweatshirt and the dressy black lace to now make it a much more acceptable look to wear out, not to mention stylish.

Black Lace Sweatshirt 8Black Lace Sweatshirt 7Black Lace Sweatshirt 6Black Lace Sweatshirt 5Black Lace Sweatshirt 4Black Lace Sweatshirt 3Black Lace Sweatshirt 1Black Lace Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt: Apt. 9 via Kohl’s | Pants: GAP | Watch: Fossil | Shoes: DSW

I wore this to work last Friday, because it was just one of those weeks where I was completely exhausted by Friday morning. I was sleeping about 5 hours a night and just drained. Normally, I wouldn’t wear a sweatshirt to work (if it wasn’t a casual day) nor would I suggest it, but like I said, it was just one of those days where I couldn’t bring myself to wear something nicer. Plus, I think that the lace on this sweatshirt paired with black pants and herringbone flats actually make this outfit really nice! Thank god for dressy/embellished sweatshirts to make those lazy days more stylish!

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