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Today is the first day of school! After the start of school was delayed by a week due to complications with moving to our new building, we’re finally starting today. It’s going to be chaotic for a little while, but I am looking forward to getting started.

For today’s post, I’m sharing some walk-in closet inspo because I absolutely love seeing people’s glamorous walk-in closets on social media. I’m not going to be getting anything remotely close to this kind of closet on a teacher’s salary, but one can dream!

walk in closet - window seats

I love the natural light in this one and the built in window seats.

walk in closet - hardwood floors

This one looks simple and I love all the shelving.

walk in closet - shoes

Look at that shoe wall!

walk in closet inspo
Love the windows here and all the drawers.

walk in closet - blue

I love the carpet in this one and the blue wood. Very french!

walk in closet - jewelry drawer

Jewelry drawers are perfect for organizing all your pieces and so you can see everything.

walk in closet - island + seat

Love the crystal chandelier in this one and the seating at the island and the window. Check out these chandeliers for some more inspiration!

walk in closet - mirrored doors

This one looks super glam with the mirrored closet doors.

Walk in closet - vanity
I love how bright this one is with the white wood and gold fixtures. The vanity is so pretty!

Walk in Closet - Dark Wood

This dark wood walk-in is very classy and is perfect if you’re sharing your walk-in with your husband/significant other because it’s not too feminine.

Walk in Closet - Chandelier

How pretty is that light-up shoe closet!?

Walk-in closet inspo is so fun to look at! If I ever get a closet this big one day I know I’d want a pretty chandelier, a big island where I could lay out pieces and put some fresh flowers, some sort of seating for putting on my shoes, jewelry drawers in the island, and windows!

All photos from Pinterest.

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