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TonyMoly Sheet Masks

TonyMoly is a brand that I’ve heard about for years but had never tried any of their products. One day while out and about I stopped inside Urban Outfitters and while I didn’t get any clothes (I did see a dress I loved but it was ridiculously expensive for a style I could get at Kohl’s or American Eagle for half the price) I saw there were TonyMoly sheet masks. You know I love sheet masks and they were having a sale for 4 for $10! So of course I bought 4. I got the: Tea Tree Mask, Lemon Mask, Aloe Mask, and Cactus Mask.Β 

The Tea Tree Mask is for skin soothing and gets rid of uneven skin tone.

Tony Moly Sheet Mask - Tea Tree
TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Tea Tree 1

The Lemon Mask is for brightening and makes dark and dull skin more radiant.

TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Lemon
TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Lemon 1
The Aloe Mask is moisturizing.

TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Aloe
TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Aloe 1

The Cactus Mask is purifying and makes uneven skin more radiant and glowing.

TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Cactus
TonyMoly Sheet Mask - Cactus 1

I really enjoyed these masks. They were really cool and felt good and soothing on the skin as most sheet masks are. A few things to note though. The way these masks are folded makes it hard to unfold them and it was really easy to rip them while trying to unfold them. I think I ripped every single one of these 4! These masks are also on the bigger side. I don’t think I have a particularly small face, but these were really big. I had to fold the bottom of these masks under my chin to secure it and keep it from dripping on me.

Other than those little things, I did enjoy these sheet masks. Ulta sells TonyMoly sheet masks for $3.50 so I’d definitely purchase more in the future!

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