• Love & Mickey Mouse Tee

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    Love & Mickey Mouse Top

    Over the summer Uniqlo launched their Love & Mickey Mouse capsule collection. I’m not sure if the collection is still launching pieces, but I was in Uniqlo last week and there were still Disney pieces. I may or may not have picked up a couple tees. But, that’s neither here nor there. Like I was saying, over the summer the collection launched and when I saw a preview online the brightly colored, multicolor Mickey on a black 3/4 sleeve top immediately grabbed my attention. I needed this top! The problem was it was only going to be available at select Uniqlo stores and the online release date was when I…

  • Magnetight Age-Defier Mask

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    Dr. Brandt Magnetight Mask

    I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to do a lot of face masks, but I made time Sunday morning to use the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Mask. So I was going to use it Friday night but then was too tired and told myself I’d do it Saturday night. On Saurday, I put the mask out on my vanity to remind myself to do it. I woke up Sunday morning realizing I hadn’t done it! Since the mask can be used morning or night I decided to do it after showering on Sunday morning. What’s really cool about this mask is that you use a magnet to…

  • Eve Lom Rescue Mask

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    Eve Lom – Rescue Mask

    My skin has been acting up lately, probably due to stress and holiday eating. Luckily, a while ago during one of Sephora’s sales I picked up the Rescue Mask by Eve Lom. I first learned about this mask from Ingrid Nilsen. She talked about it multiple times on her instastories and swears by it so I thought it would be a great product to try out especially during a break out. The company describes the mask as: “The calming Rescue Mask gently cleanses to decongest pores without drying out the skin. Stressed and troubled complexions are rescued with kaolin clay to absorb and control excess oil and visibly reduce puffiness, camphor to…

  • Tony Moly Sheet Mask - Tea Tree

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    TonyMoly Sheet Masks

    TonyMoly is a brand that I’ve heard about for years but had never tried any of their products. One day while out and about I stopped inside Urban Outfitters and while I didn’t get any clothes (I did see a dress I loved but it was ridiculously expensive for a style I could get at Kohl’s or American Eagle for half the price) I saw there were TonyMoly sheet masks. You know I love sheet masks and they were having a sale for 4 for $10! So of course I bought 4. I got the: Tea Tree Mask, Lemon Mask, Aloe Mask, and Cactus Mask.  The Tea Tree Mask is…

  • Biobelle #iwokeuplikethis face mask

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    Recent Mask Loves

    A few days ago I wrote about the Dr. Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask I tried out, which I really liked. Today I’m sharing 2 new (to me) sheet masks that I’ve recently used. First up, the Sephora Green Tea Face Mask. I’ve tried and loved the Sephora Lotus and Rose masks before. Since I’ve been loving the Sephora sheet masks I, of course, wanted to try another one. The latest being this Green Tea one. The Green Tea one, “Mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, minimize shine, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks.” Calming down my skin and reducing the appearance of outbreaks sounds good to me! I enjoyed…

  • Dr Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask

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    Dr. Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask

    Lately I’ve been loving sheet masks and I’m going to talk about 2 new ones I’ve used in an upcoming post, but today I’m talking about a rubber mask. The Dr. Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask to be exact. The idea of a rubber mask intrigued me and this one claims to clear your skin so I wanted to give it a try. The product is described as: “This two-step system includes a highly concentrated ampoule serum and a rubber mask that was developed to fight breakouts and soothe stressed skin. The clearing rubber mask wraps the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating, allowing for deeper penetration to improve…

  • Sephora Rose Sheet Mask

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    Sephora Rose Sheet Mask

    A few weeks ago I tried out my first ever sheet mask, the Sephora Lotus mask and I’m back to talk about another one – the Rose Sheet Mask also from Sephora. Like the Lotus mask, this one felt really nice and soothing on the skin. Since this is my second time using a sheet mask I knew what to expect this time in terms of application and the feel of the mask. This rose mask “Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.” I know some people love a rose scent and some people are put off by it. I personally like rose scented things, but for…

  • aenons-rose-purifying-face-mask

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    AEnon’s Rose Purifying Face Mask

    Back in July, I received two packets of AEnon’s Rose Purifying Face Mask in my Aster Market Box. I finally got around to trying out the mask so I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The directions say to pour the powder in a bowl and mix in 1 teaspoon of water until it forms a paste. Easy enough. When you’re done mixing it doesn’t look like there’s much of anything in the bowl, but trust me it is more than enough to cover your face as it is thicker than it looks and is easy to spread. The mask has a light pink shade to it, which I like…

  • Valentia Review

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    Valentia Review

    I’m back with another skincare product review! I was recently sent two products from Valentia – the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask and the True Glow Eye Cream. Since I’m always up for trying out new skincare products and winter is the best time to try out hydrating products, I knew I wanted to give these two a try. The products come packaged in sleek white boxes with gold trim so my initial impression of the packaging was that they seem pretty luxe. The packaging for the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask is a white plastic with the same gold trim on the label. The True Glow Eye Serum comes in a glass…