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A few days ago I wrote about the Dr. Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask I tried out, which I really liked. Today I’m sharing 2 new (to me) sheet masks that I’ve recently used.

First up, the Sephora Green Tea Face Mask. I’ve tried and loved the Sephora Lotus and Rose masks before. Since I’ve been loving the Sephora sheet masks I, of course, wanted to try another one. The latest being this Green Tea one. The Green Tea one, “Mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, minimize shine, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks.” Calming down my skin and reducing the appearance of outbreaks sounds good to me! I enjoyed this one just as much as the other two Sephora ones I’ve tried so far. Easy to use, very calming scent, refreshing feel on the skin.

Sephora Green Tea Face Mask

The other sheet mask I’m talking about today is Biobelle’s #iwokeuplikethis face mask. I had heard of this brand from a few people and I think The Fallible Queen also mentioned the brand to me in a comment on one of my face mask posts a little while ago, so I wanted to try it out! Ulta sells the brand and I decided to try this particular mask.

This mask was cool to try out because it is made with Tencel so the sheet feels thicker and has a more durable quality to it.

According to the brand the benefits include:

  • Wild rose extract acts as a gentle exfoliant, while Vitamin C protects against environmental aggressors, giving your skin a clearer, brighter appearance.
  • Helps to diminish the appearance of blemishes and dark spots
  • Improve facial texture and prep the skin for a flawless makeup application
  • Helps to restore skin’s natural clarity and glow, giving it a younger-looking, more even appearance

Biobelle #iwokeuplikethis face mask

What drew me to this mask was its claim of diminishing the appearance of dark spots as I have a few acne scars that I want to get rid of. I’ve only used this mask once so they haven’t diminished in appearance yet and I’m sure it would take time and multiple uses. I did buy 2 masks though so I will be using it again soon.

What is also different about this mask as compared to the other ones I’ve tried so far is what you do after you remove the sheet mask from your face. The other ones I’ve tried tell you to remove the mask and then massage the remaining serum into your skin. This Biobelle one tells you to remove the mask, wipe off the excess serum from your face, rinse, and then moisturize. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand when I’m asked to massage the excess serum on my face, I feel like my face takes a while to dry – it feels a little damp and sticky to the touch until it all dries. But I like the idea that the serum is going to be working its magic on my skin overnight. On the other hand, when I can wipe off the excess, rinse my face, and then apply moisturizer I feel cleaner and more refreshed, but am I missing any benefits of having the serum on my face overnight?

Overall, I really enjoyed both masks and would definitely repurchase! I’m curious to see if the #iwokeuplikethis mask will actually diminish the appearance of dark spots. It may be hard for me to tell even after multiple uses though because I am constantly trying other products, some of which do promise to even out skin tone and reduce dark spots and acne scars.

If you have any mask recommendations I’d love to hear them!

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