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Dr. Brandt Magnetight Mask

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to do a lot of face masks, but I made time Sunday morning to use the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Mask. So I was going to use it Friday night but then was too tired and told myself I’d do it Saturday night. On Saurday, I put the mask out on my vanity to remind myself to do it. I woke up Sunday morning realizing I hadn’t done it! Since the mask can be used morning or night I decided to do it after showering on Sunday morning.

What’s really cool about this mask is that you use a magnet to remove it! Yes, a magnet! The mask is like a dark grey/light black color and it looks so cool inside the container because it’s not glossy or wet looking but actually heavy and matte. You use the spatula to apply it and it goes on very easily and smoothly. You only need to leave it on for 5-10 minutes which is perfect. Then, you wrap the triangle magnet in a tissue and run the magnet close to your face and watch the mask lift off! It is very cool and if you watch my short video below you can sort of hear it! It sounds like velcro almost!

Magnetight Age-Defier MaskMagnetight Age-Defier Mask 1Magnetight Age-Defier Mask 2Magnetight Age-Defier Mask 3Magnetight Age-Defier Mask 4

So what is it exactly? Here’s how the brand describes it:

“An anti-aging, iron-infused mask and magnet removal tool that work together to refine, purify, and revitalize the look of skin. This innovative and effective magnetized mask uses magnetic currents to zap away visible signs of skin aging. The mask is infused with iron magnetic particles that draw out impurities and daily residue trapped on the skin, while electromagnetic interactions create a “force-field effect” that lends skin a tighter feeling over time. Skin is visibly radiant, smoother, firmer, and tighter for younger-looking skin overtime.”

I haven’t been using this long enough to see any real results, but it hasn’t made me break out, feels really cool to apply and even cooler to remove with the magnet. I like to think when the magnet pulls off the mask that it’s literally pulling out the impurities.

Here’s the video!

 Watch with the sound on so you can hear the mask coming off via the magnet!

After you take the mask off, wipe away any bits you couldn’t get off with a tissue and then massage the remaining product in to your skin. Your skin won’t look wet and shiny like when you use a sheet mask and you have the excess product on your face. Instead, it will actually look pretty normal – maybe a tad bit of a sheen to it – but I only really notice there is extra product on my skin once I rub my hands on my face to rub in the extra product. Afterwards, my skin feels soft and smooth.

It’ll be interesting to see how my skin reacts after long-term use. The product is expensive at $75 but I bought it during one of the Sephora sales so I got it for 20% off. You also don’t use that much product as you only need a thin layer on your face so I think it will last a while.

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