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I don’t have a lot of decorations up in my place, except for a few pieces of art. My space isn’t that big and I don’t want it to be too cluttered. But, I wanted to share what I do have on my walls so far.

Let’s start with the kitchen. Around the holidays, I bought this windowpane art piece. On the glass, there are pictures of different herbs painted on each panel. I thought it was so pretty and perfect for the kitchen. It’s also not too big, so I just have it hanging over the island.

Herb Window Pane Art 1Herb Window Pane Art

Moving in to the dining room, I bought this canvas painting of a bicycle with flowers in the basket from HomeSense. It goes with the rustic theme of my dining table which is kind of like a farmhouse style.

Bicycle PaintingBicycle Painting 1

Then, in my hallway, I have one wall that juts out between the master bedroom and the little area where the guest room, hall bathroom, and utility room are. I had that wall painted with the same accent wall color from my living room. On that wall, I found this really pretty framed piece of art with 3 ceramic 3D flowers. I got it, not only because it’s pretty, but because you can hang it vertical or horizontal and hanging it vertically works perfect for that wall. The white of the flowers also looks really good agains the teal of the wall. It was hard to get a good photo of this piece because of the glare off the glass.

3D Flower Art 33D Flower Art3D Flower Art 13D Flower Art 2

Then, in my hall bathroom, I have a canvas painting of a floral bouquet above my little cabinet. I love the colors in this painting and it goes with my bathmat and shower curtain which are light blue. This was actually a checkout line purchase! I saw it while I was in a long checkout line at HomeSense and picked it up.

Floral Bouquet PaintingFloral Bouquet Painting 1

Lastly, in my guest room I have 4 vintage style botanical prints in frames above my desk. I got these prints from Etsy over a year ago, but never got around to hanging them up in my bedroom at the townhouse. I got lazy and then when I knew I would be leaving in a few months anyway, I just left them in the box. I really wanted vintage style floral prints and Etsy has a great variety at all different price points. These weren’t expensive and are good quality for the price, although they came framed and the frames are not good. They’re really flimsy and I had to superglue the corners because they were coming undone.

Vintage Floral PrintsVintage Floral Prints 1Vintage Floral Prints 2

That’s all for now! I do want to add something to my bedroom, but I haven’t yet so when I do I’ll let you know.

These items are either not available online or are too old to link and they’re already gone, but I’ve found similar items and linked them below.

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