Why Herbs Make You Less Stressed

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Doctors like to prescribe patients pills for dealing with chronic stress and fatigue. But the problem with pills is that they mask symptoms: they don’t deal with the underlying condition. 

Herbs, on the other hand, are different. Unlike pills, they get to the root causes of stress in the body and help to normalize the system. They actually change the chemistry of the nervous system, permanently altering how you feel. 

You may have noticed this at some point in your life before. When you eat well and take plenty of herbs and spices in your diet, you naturally begin to feel better. The world feels more manageable, and that gnawing sense of dread leaves your body. 

Unfortunately, most of us don’t maintain these lifestyles. Once the working week gets back underway, we return to our old eating habits, many of which lead to stress. 

Eating the wrong foods, though, makes stress worse. Not only does junk make you feel tired, but it also causes systemic inflammation which can get into the brain. Once the brain becomes inflamed, you are much more likely to experience anxiety, depression and low mood. 

They Are Anti-Inflammatory 

Herbs fight against stress in a couple of ways. One mode of action is via the body’s inflammatory response pathways. When we eat herbs, they douse the immune response, visibly reducing redness and inflammation. Over time, these benefits make their way to the brain, making us far less prone to stress, burnout and other immune-related issues. 

One of the reasons Wooree Healthcare Detox Service uses herbs is because they are so good at returning the body to health. Many activate basic cellular systems associated with increased survival and reduced disease risk. Once up and running, these repair pathways actually make cells younger and healthier, restoring the body. 

They Are Adaptogenic 

Herbs may also have so-called “adaptogenic” properties. This is the idea that consuming certain plant nutrients can help kick our bodies back into balance.

Stress occurs in many people because cortisol levels are too high. Cortisol can remain elevated if stress continues for more than a few weeks, and after a high-stress episode, it is hard to bring down.  

Adaptogens are herbs that return the body and brain back to their baseline state. They work by interacting with the nervous system and blocking various binding sites. People who take adaptogens, for instance, tend to feel more relaxed and happy throughout the day, even if their stress levels are the same. 

Many researchers consider ashwagandha to be an adaptogen. Users report that after taking the herb, they feel stronger, more vital and, critically, less stressed. Sometimes, the effects can be so pronounced that the person taking it wants to go to sleep. 

Taking herbs long-term is safe, so long as you don’t overdo the doses. To get the beneficial effects, you usually don’t need much more than a teaspoon every day. Do not make a habit of regularly consuming nutmeg or cassia cinnamon, as these can harm the liver over time. 

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