Book Review: The Trials of Adeline Turner

The Trials of Adeline Turner by Angela Terry comes out next week (October 19th to be exact) and I was sent an advanced copy to read. I’ve spent the past few days reading it and I absolutely loved it! Terry is a wonderful writer and the story she wrote sucked me in immediately.

The novel follows Adeline Turner, a lawyer in her early 30s, living in Chicago. Her life is dominated by work and when the opportunity comes up to transfer to the San Francisco office of her firm because she has impressed a client out there, she decides to shake things up and move. The San Francisco office is a little less demanding than Chicago and is more conducive to a work/life balance. Since, Adeline’s best friend Bridget likes to remind her that she has no life outside work, this seems like a good opportunity.

Prior to moving, Adeline had taken a work trip to California and ran into a guy she knew growing up. More specifically, she ran into her teenage crush, Brad Summers. She secretly pined over him for years and then he moved away when they were still young. And guess what? He’s a lawyer too! But is he as great as she remembered him being when they were kids?

The novel has a good mix of love, heartache, self-discovery, and intrigue & office sabotage. The novel definitely begins with you thinking the storyline is going to go one way and it goes a completely different way. Not in a way that makes you mad (like the author purposely doing the unexpected just to be different and surprising), but in a really natural and realistic way. I think the idea of Adeline’s path is really relatable. So often we think our lives are going to go in one direction, but things don’t always go our way and sometimes the unexpected direction it takes winds up being even better than what we had planned for ourselves. I hope that makes sense!

I became really invested in the characters and would love if the author wrote a follow up to see what’s next for them, but the epilogue to the novel did tie things up nicely so I can’t be disappointed!

Anyway, as I mentioned before I loved this book. Angela Terry has another novel out that sounds really interesting so I think I’m going to have to check that out too!

The Trials of Adeline Turner comes out on October 19th.

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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