Five Reasons To Put You First

There are a lot of platitudes out there that tell you that no one can love you until you love yourself. These platitudes are wrong and you need to throw these out the window! You do not have to fall in love with yourself first before others can love you. However – you do need to love yourself. You need to love yourself enough that when you are asked for things that you don’t have the energy to give, you can say a firm no. 

The voice in your mind is likely telling you that you are being selfish, right? That if you don’t put others first before yourself, you’re going to find that others don’t want to be around you. The thing is, it’s just not true! You need to fall in love with yourself first so that you can protect your peace and always ensure that you are healthy outside and inside. Your mental health and wellbeing can take a hit from time to time, but they don’t have to. Whether you are protecting your space enough to go to Pomona Dental Practice and actually get the check up you need and have been putting off, or you have been put upon for too long and need to step back, you have to put yourself first. Below, we’ve got five reasons to ensure that you know why you should do just that! 

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  1. Whatever it is, it can wait. If there is something interrupting your peace, it’s going to have to wait. Whether your job, your family or your friends are interrupting your peace, it doesn’t matter. You can always say no and make some time for yourself. It makes all the difference when you realise that you don’t have to say yes to everyone the first time.
  2. Your health will depend on you being first. That dental appointment you keep putting off? That’s upsetting your health and it’s going to run you down faster if you’re not careful. Stress and a lack of sleep can weaken your body and you will find that your health lags behind if you don’t look after yourself.
  3. Your relationships will pick up. This won’t happen at first. Telling other people no when they are used to you saying yes takes time for them to get used to it, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t get used to it! It’s okay that people will miss you from time to time, and it’s okay to step back to do things for you first. Once people realise that you are saying no to things that upset your time and space, they will respect you for it.
  4. Everyone else benefits. When you don’t put yourself first, you’re going to stop being a kind person. You become edgier and more irritated, and your people in your life would much rather have you clear-headed and happy!
  5. You’ll be happier. Your strength and happiness will improve when you can be honest with yourself and say no to others. This will make you a happier person overall – which is the perfect reason to put yourself first.

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