Roller Skating Update: Dribbles

It’s been sort of slow going with the skating recently because it was so hot over the summer and I had my surgery, which meant I couldn’t skate for a few weeks after that. I’m trying to get back into the skating routine now that I’m cleared to skate and the temps are more comfortable, but I’m also back at work now so it’s been tough.

One thing I practiced during a lot of my skate sessions during the summer til now were dribbles. The best way I can describe dribbles are sliding your feet back and forth with your back foot going on the toe wheels forward. I’m still in no way great at them, but I’ve definitely improved especially in having much more control and not just sliding back and forth. I still need to make them smoother and work on the turn/pivot to go from facing one direction to the other, but I have improved. I put together a compilation of dribble practice over the past few months and will post it on Instagram later today. For now, enjoy this clip of me practicing dribbles in my new skates. I actually love the sound of skates. Total ASMR. I always set my Reels to music, because it’s more fun, but this video is pure skating sounds. Enjoy!

I recently started to learn moonwalking too and I’ve definitely improved in that so I’ll show that next time. I think I want to learn how to do crazy legs soon too. I’ll keep you posted!

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