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The Motivation To Eat Well

According to Epicurus, food should be a pleasure of every moment. The founder of the school of philosophy dedicated to the research of happiness and the absence of pain, Epicureanism, is the first to admit that eating satisfies not only a biological need but also a desire. However, Epicurus was a man who believed in exercising sobriety and moral to his wishes. Indeed, if you want food to remain a pleasure, you need to eat smartly and moderately. 

Unfortunately, nowadays, our relationship to food has become difficult with the abundance of junk foods high in fat and sugar, and the constant worry to meet beauty standards. We tend to eat either too much or too little. It’s time to relearn how to eat well. 


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It’s not just a matter of weight
We spend too much time worrying about calories and weight, and not enough time considering the real function of food. Indeed, our meals serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, they are a pleasurable experience. But on the other hand, they provide our body with all the nutrients it needs to function. Eating well is a matter of health. Your brain, your bone and your muscles require a variety of minerals, proteins and vitamins to stay strong and healthy. Someone whose diet is deficient in calcium, for instance, is more vulnerable to bone fractures and tooth loss. 


Growing your food changes everything
It can be difficult to find a plate of vegetables exciting, especially if you’ve grown used to burgers and fries. However, you’d be pleased to know that it takes only one minor change to your routine to find your lost love for greens back. Indeed, growing your vegetables transforms your approach to food. First of all, because you’re eating local produce – there’s nothing more local than from your own garden –, they’re more likely to be full of flavors and vitamins. Exported vegetables tend to taste blend and have only a low concentration in vitamins and minerals due to transportation. However, a last tip to ensure your gardening habits are also good for the planet; you should harvest rainwater using Tank Direct solutions to maintain your garden. Additionally, you can repurpose veggie peels as organic fertilizer.

Rediscovering your taste buds
It takes time to reset your taste buds if you’ve been enjoying a little too much of the typical American diet – aka high in salt, sugar and fat. According to Michael Moss, junk food is optimized to the right combination of excess salt, sugar and fat to satisfy. As a result, excesses dull out your sense of taste. However, your taste bud cells renew frequently. In a few weeks, you can retrain your taste buds to enjoy a low salt, low fat, and low sugar diet. In short, if you don’t like the taste of veggies today, give it a couple of weeks, and everything will change!  


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It’s a group effort
Eating well should be a collective effort. It’s a good idea to introduce healthy habits gradually. You can prepare together healthy meals; including your children in the process is guaranteed to help them to eat more vegetables and fruits. 

Eating well is a choice, and like every choice you make, you need to be motivated. However, the knowledge that your body cannot function properly or that junk foods affect your taste buds can help you to stay motivated!

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