Washington Rock

Happy Friday! I get to work from home today so that’s a nice treat even though I have to be on Zoom all day. But it’s nice to not have to drive in and be able to just work from home. I do have a couple things on my to-do list after work today though so hopefully I can get everything done.

Also, I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I chopped my hair! I had a hair appointment on Wednesday and originally planned to just trim off an inch or two and re-do my highlights. I usually get my hair done every 8 weeks or so but I hadn’t gone since May or early June due to my ear issue. As I left work I had this sudden urge to just chop it so I did! I cut it to a bob length – between my chin and shoulder. It’s a nice change and I got a lot of surprised comments and compliments at work yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my haircut on my stories, but if not you’ll see it in photos here in the coming days.

Anyway, onto today’s post. Washington Rock is a state park near me and has a scenic overlook. In the distance you can see New York City. I have passed by this overlook my whole life whenever I’m heading up the mountain to visit friends, go to dinner, go to the doctor, etc. but I’ve never stopped there! I thought it would be a great spot to take some outfit photos and for the view. I was hoping for more fall foliage, but it’s been such a warm October that it’s taking forever for the leaves to change. Is it the same where you are? So I plan to go back in a week or so just to see if the foliage is prettier then. I still took photos this time around though.

So I made plans to go up there and the forecast was sunny for that day all week. And guess what? It randomly started raining about an hour before my plans to go! There was a huge grey cloud just hovering above the area I was going to. I texted my friend basically saying what are the chances that the forecast has been good all week and all day for this particular day and then it just starts pouring. She said if it didn’t stop when we were ready to go then the universe hates us. Well, it was a little drizzly when we got there, but that’s it! We got so lucky and even luckier because the rain brought on a rainbow! So it ended up being a blessing that it rained because it gave us a gorgeous backdrop despite the fall foliage to be lacking.

So I guess the universe doesn’t hate us!

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