Vanity Table Nails – Collect

I’m officially on Thanksgiving break! I hope the next few days don’t fly by because I want to savor this holiday time plus I need the break.

You guys know I love gel nail stickers and a while ago I saw this brand called Vanity Table. They do the pretty gel nail stickers, but it’s a little different because they also sell a little mini UV lamp for you to use to cure your manicure!

For my first try with the brand I got the kit called “Collect”, which I thought was perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. The kit came with a dark burgundy or wine red, a white and black speck, a nude with gold detailing, a silver sparkle, and a rose gold sparkle.

I applied them to my nails and then put them under the UV light for 2 rounds.

I love how they turned out! Unfortunately – and I don’t know how this happened – I noticed yesterday that the middle finger one on my left hand disappeared. I was in the middle of class when I realized my finger was bare! The sticker wasn’t loose or peeling on that finger at all so I have no idea what happened. I didn’t feel like putting a new sticker on because I plan to change them out to a Christmas set in a week or so, but luckily I have a nail polish that is pretty close to the same color so I just painted my nail.

An easy fix and not too bad to just get me through Thanksgiving. Despite the little mishap, I still really like the nails. Now that I know what I’m doing with these particular stickers and the UV lamp, I’m going to try to make a video next time.

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