Desert Quartz Nail Strips

I love nail strips because you can do cool designs on your nails without needing to be artistic, good at doing your nails. I prefer them over press-on nails because press-on nails for me never last. They’re always popping off or the glue starts coming out the sides. And usually they start lifting by the cuticle and my hair gets caught in them when I’m washing my hair. But the nail strips are like stick-on tattoos that just go right on your nails. It’s like they become one with your nail instead of a hard plastic that you’re gluing on.

Anyway, if you’ve followed me on here for a while then you’ve seen me wear them before. I got this Desert Quartz design from Dashing Diva and I thought it was such a pretty design.

Nail Stickers: Dashing Diva (here) | Ring: Nordstrom (here)

The Desert Quartz set includes a pretty, sea foam green, a clear glittery one, a light green marbled design, and an abstract design with green, silver and white splashed around.

I’ve only tried the Dashing Diva nail strips. And Sally Hansen years ago. Does Sally Hansen even still make nail strips? If you know another brand that is good and worth checking out, let me know!

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