• Amsterdam Exposed

    Book Review: Amsterdam Exposed

    Do you guys remember when I had a giveaway for the book Amsterdam Exposed on here? That was all the way back in May. I mentioned on there that I had gotten the book but hadn’t gotten to read it yet. Well I finally got to read it and finish it and I’m back with my thoughts. Author, David Wienier, writes about his personal experience in Amsterdam when studying abroad during law school 18 years ago. After an experience at a brothel in Reno where he didn’t do anything with the women there but started conversation, he became really interested in telling the stories of these women and wanted to give…

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    Photo Challenge: Names

    This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Names“, was a tough one. Aside from going to work and running errands this week, I haven’t gone anywhere so taking new pictures – or at least one that worked for this particular photo challenge – wasn’t really going to happen. So I searched my brain and computer for a picture that I could use. I decided to use this photo from a few years ago when I was on vacation in Amsterdam. The photo is of the iconic “I Amsterdam” sign. Probably one of the most famous signs of a city’s name. Now, this photo challenge response is sort of cheating…

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    Photo Challenge: Wall

    The weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Wall” and I realized I don’t really have many pictures of walls. Or at least, none that I found to be too interesting or artistic looking. Digging into your archives can be a bit overwhelming and tedious unless you already have something in mind or a vague idea of what you’re searching for, so suffice it to say I didn’t have the patience to sit and sort through all my photos. Of the little bit of searching I did, this is the photo that I came across that I liked the best to represent “wall”. This was taken two years ago in…