Mac & Cheese

So remember a few days ago I was talking about how the weather was finally starting to warm up and I was probably jinxing myself? Well, we had an early dismissal today because of snow! Yes, on the same day that I posted a wall of flowers for the weekly photo challenge and yes, on the same day as the first day of spring. It’s still snowing as I type this, but luckily none of it is really sticking to the roads – it’s just a slushy mess outside.

So if you’re like me and staying in tonight because it’s cold and messy outside or if you’re staying in just cause I thought it would be a good time for this mac & cheese post.


In this mac & cheese recipe I used butter, flour, milk, and cayenne pepper.


Once the cheese melts and it becomes a sauce, I add in the pre-cooked macaroni.


Toss the macaroni to make sure it’s all coated.


I transfer the macaroni to a baking dish and top it with cheese. You can use any cheese you like. Cheddar is a popular option, but this time around I didn’t have any cheddar so I used 4 Cheese Italian. Pop it in the oven until the cheese starts to brown.



An easy, warm meal for a cozy night in whether it’s spring weather or not outside!

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