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April 2018 Favorites

It’s the last day of April, can you believe it? I can’t believe tomorrow is already May, but at the same time April seems to have gone by slowly when you think about Easter being all the way back on April 1 and it seems like ages ago!

I only have a few April favorites, so let’s begin!

Speaking of Easter, I bought a big bag of the spring color M&Ms and the colors were so pretty. I wish they made them all year round!

Spring M&MsSpring M&Ms 1

Next up, I found these dark grey/faded black Mossimo leggings with textured stripes at Target and they are so soft and stretchy! They’ve been great to wear for all my BBG workouts every day. See my month 1 and month 2 check-ins if you haven’t yet.

Mossimo Striped Yoga Pants

There were quite a few songs I loved this month, but instead of picking out just one favorite song I’m actually sharing a Spotify playlist that I’ve been loving. I saw on someone’s Instagram Stories a mention of coffee house playlists and it was like a lightbulb moment – coffee house music is always good and soothing background music. So I did a search on Spotify and I found playlist called “Coffee House: A Writing Mix”  and it’s an amazing playlist of instrumental versions of pop songs. It’s so good!

Coffee House Writing Mix Playlist

I wrote earlier in the month about the Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty products I was sent and the blush has been one of my favorites this month!

Christie Brinkley - Authentic Beauty Blush

My last favorite for the month was this news story I read last week. I came across this news article while at work. It was about Pope Francis meeting with kids from a parish outside of Rome. One boy asked him if his father is in heaven even though he was an atheist. The article was so touching, I was trying not to cry at work! I’m not a particularly religious person, but I still found the article to be really moving. Definitely worth the read!

Pope Francis + Boy - Athetist Father

That’s it for my April favorites. I told you it was a short list! What were some of your favorites this month?

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