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    Butterfinger Minis

    Confession: I’ve never tried Butterfingers before I was sent this bag of Butterfinger Minis. I used to get them in my Halloween bags when I was a kid, but I always gave them away because I wasn’t interested. I was more of a Kit Kat, Crunch, Twix kind of girl. But, I remember all the commercials featuring Bart Simpson. Do you remember those? Seeing as how I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, these mini sized ones are perfect for me. These chocolate peanut butter mini bars are really tasty and the perfect size for me! *This product was sent to my complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This…

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    Japanese Jelly Candies

    Happy Friday! It has been a week. So this weekend, and it’s a long weekend, is so needed. I was scrolling through the photos on my phone the other day and saw this photo I took back in September of a box of jelly candies my parents bought in Japan and thought it would make for a nice, colorful flashback Friday. Back in August I went on a family vacation to Japan and Hong Kong and before heading to Hong Kong from Japan we were at the airport trying to use up some of our Japanese yen. The duty free shops were great for some last minute gifts for others and…

  • Vacay VoxBox
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    Vacay VoxBox

    I hope your weekend is going well so far! I went to the 1st birthday party for one of my best friend’s daughter. It was a nice time outside and I got to go in the pool for the first time this summer! Speaking of summer time fun, if you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen some of my photos of items from my Vacay VoxBox from Influenster. In this post I thought I’d round up the items! In my box, I got: A coupon for a free bag of either the new Sour Patch Kids Freeze or Sour Patch Kids Fire. I picked up the Freeze. Kiss…

  • Spring M&Ms
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    April 2018 Favorites

    It’s the last day of April, can you believe it? I can’t believe tomorrow is already May, but at the same time April seems to have gone by slowly when you think about Easter being all the way back on April 1 and it seems like ages ago! I only have a few April favorites, so let’s begin! Speaking of Easter, I bought a big bag of the spring color M&Ms and the colors were so pretty. I wish they made them all year round! Next up, I found these dark grey/faded black Mossimo leggings with textured stripes at Target and they are so soft and stretchy! They’ve been great…

  • Pajamas
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    September 2017 Favorites

    And just like that it’s the last day of September! Where does the time go? I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now and it’s been tiring and chaotic, but I’m starting to get a routine down. Hopefully October will only get better. But with the end of another month, I’ve got some favorites to share. Back in the summer I bought 2 new pajamas from ASOS. I’ve been wearing them both in August and September and loving them. The first one is a pink & blue trim onesie with a unicorn patch. It’s super soft, comfy, and cute. The only thing that’s annoying, as with all onesies, is…