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Dots & Blazer

Blazers have always been popular, but lately the trend has been having a major moment. And why not? They keep you warm and they give a dressier or more refined look than my beloved cardigans when I want to amp it up a little bit. The other day, I wanted to wear this thin polka dot blouse, but I knew I was going to be cold at work. Instead of wearing a cardigan, I had the idea that this blouse would look great with a blazer.

Blazer: Forever 21
Blouse: Merona via Target
Pants: Uniqlo

I decided to wear my stretch cords since they’re more form fitting and I wanted to balance out the loose fitting blouse and blazer.




The blouse is one of those that has those strings that I don’t tie so they just hang there, which I like for the deconstructed look. I think this look is a great mix of dressy and casual. It’s not too dressy and it’s not too casual. I often get compliments from students on my choice of style, but occasionally I’ll get compliments from coworkers as well. The day I wore this, one of my older coworkers told me she really likes how I dress and for example this outfit was dressy and casual. Just what I was going for!

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