Daydreaming – Paris Cafe

Bon Appetit: Paris Cafe

I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to Paris more than once in my life and hopefully I will get to go again in the future. Sadly, today is not that day and as I’m out and about on this fine Sunday working out, meeting up with a friend for some girl talk, and finishing up lesson plans I’ll just have to settle for daydreaming of relaxing at a Parisian cafe.
My daydream consists of a beautiful sidewalk cafe with amazing ambience and gorgeous lighting at night. There’s also a view of the Eiffel Tower, cause why not? Fresh flowers at each table and dainty tea cups and other classy china and silverware. The food are items that remind me of Paris. Croissants of course, macarons as well. Croque Monsieur is a great lunch item at my cafe. The baguettes have two purposes in my cafe. Naturally, to eat by themselves, but also for sandwiches. The first time I ever went to France, I was 14. I was a freshman in high school and I went with my french class. I remember being in a small city and street vendors would sell these sandwiches on baguettes. It’s one of my fondest memories of the trip – getting sandwiches with my friends because we were hungry as we were walking around and the sandwiches being so delicious. The last time I was in Paris was in 2013 and I bought another sandwich on the street. I wondered if my memory of how amazing these sandwiches were was exaggerated or if I was just super hungry that particular day back when I was younger. I’m happy to report that the sandwich was just as delectable as years before. So, to make a long story short, baguettes need to be part of my daydream of a Paris cafe.
So there you have my Sunday daydream! By the way, on an unrelated note, how do you guys like my new layout? Specifically, the new homepage to my site? I thought it was time for a change, it being spring and all!

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