How The Pros Make Knackered Old Homes Look Brand New

If you’ve ever watched those renovation shows on TV, you’ll know just how radically professionals can transform an old wrecked home into something that looks brand new. 

But how do they do it? What techniques do they use? 

Here we’re going to take a look at some of their tried-and-tested approaches so that you can apply them to your home


Steam Cleaning Carpets And Rugs
The vast majority of people don’t look after their carpets in the way that vendors recommend, vacuuming them every forty-eight hours to ensure that no dust whatsoever gets into the carpet fibers. But even if you’re one of those people who diligently follow the manufacturer instructions, your carpet will still lose its plushness and color over time. 

The reason for this has to do with the way that particles incorporate into the fibers. When someone’s muddy shoes bring in dirt from the outdoors, some of it sinks deep into the carpet. Then as people continue walking on it, they push it deeper into the fibers themselves. When this happens, no amount of vacuuming can solve the problem. 

Fortunately, steam cleaning can help. Here, professionals blast jets of hot water vapor into the carpets, removing the gunk lodged deep down and returning the carpet to its regular color. It’s a simple intervention, but it makes a massive difference to how your carpet appears. 


Paint Everything White


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The next thing that they always do on those renovation programs is to paint everything white. The reason for this is the optical illusion that white creates. Many people associate white with “new,” meaning that when you paint surfaces this color, it unconsciously changes how you perceive your home. 

Do a little experiment. Imagine how you’d feel if you painted your rooms in a different color. Would they still feel as new and fresh? Arguably, they wouldn’t. 

White paint serves another vital function: it masks all of the imperfections that can creep into older homes. You can cover up minor damage to your window frames and doors with ease. Try it for yourself and see if it makes a difference to your property. 


Sand Your Wooden Floors
Because wood is a natural material, it will break down over time, especially when exposed to the underside of shoes. Eventually, dirt and moisture will penetrate it, causing it to start looking a little worse for wear. 


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You can, however, make your wooden flooring look like it did when it was new using floor sanding companies. These professionals use specialist equipment that sands down the surface layers of wood, revealing fresh timber below. Then it is just a matter of re-treating it with sealant, and you have a floor that looks brand new. 


Replace Your Old Outlets
Professionals on these renovation programs always also do another thing: replace worn out sockets. 

Older mains outlets are unrelentingly ugly. Often no amount of decoration can hide the fact.

The good news is that replacing them with the help of an electrician is easy. You just unscrew them from the wall, disconnect the wires, and then swap them out for a new, modern design. 


Change Your Backsplash
Nothing ages your home more than your backsplash. Over time, it becomes splattered with food and dirty water, eventually losing its bright color and looking rather sorry for itself. 

Sometimes a deep clean with bleach can help, but if your backsplash is beyond the pale, then consider replacing it altogether. 


Add More Lighting
Lighting is critical if you want your house to look brand new. Go to any show home, and you’ll notice that designers place spotlights and recess lighting wherever they can. 


Swap Out Aged Homewares
Sometimes it’s not the walls, the lighting, or the flooring that is the problem, but the clutter in your home that makes it look like a wreck. 

Aged homewares are responsible for all manner of interior design travesties. Owners like to hold onto old trinkets, without really thinking about the effect that they have on the overall aesthetic of their properties. Usually, it is better to throw them out and replace them with modern alternatives that to leave them there, cluttering up space. 


Replace Your Shower Curtain
Shower curtains are notorious for making homes look older than they are. An old shower curtain with black mold running up and down it instantly ages your home and makes your property look like a wreck. Replacing it with a new one is both affordable and straightforward. Try it today – you’ll be amazed at the difference that it makes.

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