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Yesterday was my first day back to work for the week since I got the flu. I only missed 2 days of work, which doesn’t seem like a lot considering I had the flu, but I guess when you take in to account that I started feeling sick on Friday and then spent the whole weekend sick, it makes sense. Anyway, my day back wasn’t bad and I took it easy most of the day and mostly just directed my students. Then, I came home, watched tv, made dinner, and watched the much anticipated sequel to To All the Boys I Loved Before – P.S. I Still Love You. It just came out on Netflix yesterday. Did you watch?!

I’ve got another home post for you today – this time I’m talking vases. I don’t know about you, but I love having fresh flowers in the house. I know there are some people who hate flowers, but I amΒ not one of them. Hot tip – Trader Joe’s flowers bizarrely last way longer than any other supermarket bouquet. Like I’ve had bouquets from them that last over 2 weeks before they start to droop. Anyway, I have 3 vases at my place and while I can’t link to any of the exact vases I wanted to share them anyway. And since I can’t link to the exact ones (1 is old, 1 was a gift from a student and I can’t find the exact one and 1 is sold out) I rounded up some other vases that look really pretty.

So first up is my newest vase – this pearlescent vase. Believe it or not this is the small size! I got this last month from Anthropologie and I love it so much. It’s so gorgeous and is surprisingly pretty heavy, which is why it’s on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf! Sadly, this one is sold out, but in my vase round up at the end of this post I did include some other beautiful vases from Anthropologie.

The second vase is a small/medium sized crystal vase from Waterford and was a gift from my parents when I moved in to my townhouse last year. I brought it with me to my condo since my brother had no interest in it. It’s a simple crystal one with a vine design wrapped around it. I haven’t used this one at my new place yet, so I included a photo of it with flowers in it from when I used it at the townhouse last year.

Lastly, a cream or maybe even bone colored vase with a floral design. This was is from Lenox and was a Christmas gift from a student.

Pearlescent Vase 2Waterford Vase 1Lenox Vase 1Pearlescent VasePearlescent Vase 1Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetLenox Vase

I love all of these vases. I have one other one that’s a much larger vase that I got from my visit to an andThat! store opening a few years ago. I left that at my parents’ house and I need to get it actually so I can do bigger bouquets, but here’s an old photo I have of it!

andThat! Woodland Park - Light Up Cloche + Vase

Love all of these vases! I do want to get a colorful glass one though to add to my collection since all of mine are pretty neutral. Like a clear blue or clear green glass vase – I think that would be really pretty. Anyway, below I have some vases that I think are really pretty and are all still available!

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