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Teal Open Knit Argyle

If you saw my Instagram stories then you know it was a long day yesterday. What started out as a super productive Sunday turned in to a long, cold day. My mom and I started all of our Christmas cookie baking this weekend. We make so many different kinds of cookies that it takes us days to complete. Yesterday morning we finished earlier than anticipated and I thought I would take advantage of the early finish and go to the furniture store to continue my search for a bookshelf. A few minutes before arriving at the furniture store the light on my dashboard for low tire pressure went off. About a minute before I got to the store, I thought it did faintly sound like I had a flat tire. Luckily I was about to turn in to the parking lot and I did, in fact, have flat. I called AAAΒ  and after a lot of spare tire/jack issues (on my end) AAA finally arrived 3 hours later and changed my tired in like 2 minutes. So I basically wasted 3 hours in the cold parking lot and didn’t even find a bookshelf in the store.

Let’s hope this last week of work for 2019 goes a lot smoother than my day yesterday!

Anyway, remember when argyle was all the rage? You can still find argyle sweaters now, but you don’t see them as often. I used to have a pink and green argyle sweater that I loved so much – I pretty much wore it to death. This teal balloon sleeve sweater isn’t your typical argyle sweater. It is an open knit with the holes in the shape of argyle. Such a fun twist to the classic style! And more on trend, I would say.

Teal Argyle SweaterTeal Argyle Sweater 1Teal Argyle Sweater 2Teal Argyle Sweater 3Teal Argyle Sweater 4Teal Argyle Sweater 5Teal Argyle Sweater 6Teal Argyle Sweater 7Teal Argyle Sweater 8Teal Argyle Sweater 9Teal Argyle Sweater 10Teal Argyle Sweater 11Teal Argyle Sweater 12Teal Argyle Sweater 13Teal Argyle Sweater 14Teal Argyle Sweater 16Teal Argyle Sweater 17Teal Argyle Sweater 18Teal Argyle Sweater 15Teal Argyle Sweater 19

Sweater: American Eagle | Jeans: Kohl’s | Boots: UGG | Ring: Macy’s

The sweater is so soft too, which makes it so cozy. I wore it with jeans and black UGGs here, but I wore it to work last week with a white long sleeve tee underneath and black pants so it is easy to wear casually or more dressed up. You could even dress it up more by wearing it with a skirt or maybe over a bodycon dress!

I finished off the look here with a pearl ring that I got for Christmas a few years ago. I think my sweater is sold out, but I’m linking to it below just in case as well as similar items for everything!

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