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When decorating for Christmas, we all know ornaments go on the tree. But you can use ornaments to decorate in places other than on the tree. Today, I’m going to show you what I did with some ornaments that is super simple and has quickly become one of my favorite decorative pieces. It’s basically an assortment of round ornaments in a vase. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds but the visual payoff is amazing!

Ornaments in Vase

You don’t need expensive ornaments or anything, I got these from the dollar store.
Ornaments in Vase 1

I decided to mix and match the ornaments in terms of size, design, and texture. I did this completely randomly, but made sure to mix up the colors so that there weren’t too many ornaments of the same color right next to or on top of each other.
Ornaments in Vase 2
Ornaments in Vase 3
Ornaments in Vase 4

This is a pretty tall and wide vase so I was able to put a good amount of ornaments in there. I still have some leftover that I might put into a fishbowl or something. Side Note: How adorable is this Charlie Brown Christmas sweatshirt I picked up from Kohl’s? It was on a table for “Ugly Christmas Apparel” but I think it’s far from ugly!
Eat Drink & Be Merry Tea Towel

I used the Eat, Drink and Be Merry tea towel that I got in November’s Aster Market Box to lay down on my front table.
Ornaments in Vase 5
Ornaments in Vase 6
Ornaments in Vase 8
Ornaments in Vase 7

And voila! So simple yet delivers a Christmas treat for the eyes! Christmas decorating is definitely my favorite kind of decorating and with little projects like this one it shows that you can use the simplest things to create something beautiful.

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