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Quarantine Binging #2

A few weeks ago I shared the tv shows I’d been binge watching during quarantine. Well, I’m already back with more shows (and 1 movie) that I’ve finished since then.

The Last Kingdom

So let’s get to it!

  1. The Last Kingdom


    I’ve written about this Netflix show in year’s past and season 4 recently dropped. I watched the season over the course of a week or so. I didn’t want to rush through it and I was pretty busy at the time with work so I was only watching 1-2 episodes a night. I love this show and if you’re unfamiliar, it follows main character Uhtred in England in the like 800-900s. He was born Saxon, but was taken as a kid by Danes and raised by them so his loyalty is always kind of split. This is during the time when the kings in England are trying to make 1 united kingdom and the Danes are trying to conquer them.

  2. Outer Banks

    Outer Banks • Poster

    I started this one because I keep seeing so many people talking about how obsessed they were with the show. And I liked it, but I didn’t love it to the point that I was like omg you need to watch this. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about a group of teenagers who live in the Outer Banks. The kids (the main characters) who live in The Cut, the side of the island that is poorer, more working class people, are called Pogues. The kids who are from the rich side of the island, or Figure 8, are called the Kooks. There is a rivalry between the groups and this is all while main character, John B. is trying to find out what happened to his missing father and finish the treasure hunt his father started.


3. Belgravia

Belgravia promo pic

Switching gears for a second, I love period pieces. Belgravia, created by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, is a miniseries taking place in the Belgravia area of London – a very rich area. The series begins years earlier, 20 something years earlier, in Brussels when a bunch of British people are staying there while they fight Napoleon. The rest of the story takes place in England and follows 2 families and a secret that began all those years ago back in Brussels. I really loved this show!
4. Never Have I Ever


Another show I heard a lot about and I ended up loving! This one made me laugh out loud and made me cry. It follows a 16 year old Indian American teenage girl and her mission to become popular. After a family tragedy, instead of dealing with it, she avoids it at all costs and decides to focus instead on becoming popular, trying to date the hottest boy in school, and trying to lose her virginity. It’s really funny, relatable, and has some sad moments too.

5. Downton Abbey (the movie)

Downton Abbey - Movie

I didn’t get to see Downton Abbey, the movie, in theaters and then when it come out on streaming apps I totally forgot about it. I was reminded after I saw Belgravia. I was a huge fan of the show and enjoyed the movie too! In the movie, the family and staff are preparing for a visit from the King and Queen of England.
And I have to give a special shoutout to Outlander. Season 5 just finished airing and while I didn’t exactly binge it because I watched it weekly as new episodes came out, I still wanted to include it. I love Outlander, I’ve written about it multiple times before just do a search for it in the search bar. In this past season, the Frasers are still living on the ridge, colonists are becoming increasingly angry with England, and Roger and Bree are adjusting to colonial life. Of course there is more drama than that, but I can’t give it all away!

Outlander Season 5 2020


So that’s what I’ve been watching the past few weeks. I’m open to suggestions for more shows!

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